Me honestly I'm a odd person. I live with my uncle.My friends since I'm not into peoples drama close to none. I like to listen to music mainly, but other days I just want to go outside into the peace and quiet. Right now in school I'm in robotics club I don't know why though because when I go for the meets I get to do nothing.

School Life
Class Schedule Time In Class Grade In Class
Guitar 7:39am-8:32am A
Banking/Financial 8:32am-9:24am B
MCE 1 9:24am-10:18am A
Advisory 10:18am-10:58am N/A
Web Deign 1 11:25am-12:20pm B
Shakespeare 12:20pm-1:20pm A
Senior Survival 1:20pm-2:07pm A
Robotics 2:07pm-3:00pm A